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We work with
product experts

not marketing experts

Our manufacturing clients are passionate product experts.
Driven by precision engineering, effective selling, efficient operations, and exceptional service, our manufacturing clients are all-stars of their industries. However, many lack in-house expertise in branding, professional design and marketing strategy, and turn to REED to support these efforts.

Backed by over 25 years of design and marketing experience, REED provides branding and marketing guidance to leading manufacturers who wish to attract and engage more of their ideal customers.

Our philosophy:

Set a Foundation,
Then Build

We believe creative should be driven by strategy, and strategy guided by purpose. In support of that conviction, our process is intentionally structured to generate a return on your marketing investment:

  1. We get your marketing strategy in-line with your business goals.
  2. We organize your brand and message for clarity and consistency.
  3. We design a plan to attract and engage your ideal customers.

Inconsistent branding, unclear messaging, and random marketing activities can form negative perceptions in the marketplace and reduce the flow of qualified leads into your sales pipeline.

If you desire better performance from your marketing efforts, schedule an introductory call today.

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REED's integrated services are designed to help manufacturers maximize their sales activities, promotional efforts, new product launches, trade shows, and more!